Fully-welded universal transport cart

Fully-welded universal transport cart

ATW/VV-9 1249/754/1450
Transport trolley for universal use in clinic logistics cycles, for transport and storage of sterile and chemist´s supplies, consumables and durables, laundry, food or for waste disposal.
Key facts
  • With folding louvred shelf

  • Stainless steel

StU capacity:

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Single-walled trolley in robust, self-supporting design, made entirely of high-quality stainless... more

Product information

Single-walled trolley in robust, self-supporting design, made entirely of high-quality stainless steel in steam-diffusion tight, fully welded design. The interior and the outer housing are produced with a hermetically sealed finish, formed seamless, jointless and without undercut contours. The transport trolley is loaded on the long side via two double-walled, hinged doors that can be opened at an angle of approx. 270°. The automatically-latching doors are attached to robust stainless steel hinges mounted on vertical push bars; a 2-point door lock keeps the doors safely locked during transport. The left door is additionally fitted with a stop bead, so together with the trolley profiling and the door seals, optimum dust protection for the items to be transported is guaranteed. An extension also serves to keep the door open during loading, so no additional elements to be operated by a hand or foot are required. Interior with wire shelf that is tiltable and adjustable without tools; in horizontal position for placing e.g. sterile and chemist´s supplies, in vertical position as front safeguard, e.g. for inserted laundry or waste bags. When using rack frames, the grating is stored in a vertical storage position at the rear wall and carried along undetachably. Four continuous vertical push bars (2 per side) for manoeuvring even with the doors open. Dimensionally stable chassis design, suitable for automatic trolley transport. Bumper protective feature provided by robust, continuous bumper strip made of impact-resistant plastic that is effective even with the doors open, with frontal recesses for connecting a towing device to the chassis. When fitted with non-corroding casters, the equipment is suitable for being cleaned in an automated washing device without restrictions. Matched to the washing device, a constant cleaning and drying result is achieved. Jets of water cannot ingress into the hollow spaces of the appliance; no water remains or is carried over following the drying process. Trolley runs on 2 swivel casters with total lock, 2 fixed casters, fastened by means of screw-on plates and several screws.

Technical information

Width: 1249 mm
Depth: 754 mm
Height: 1450 mm