GN container food serving trolley

SPA/O 3/24 A-3GN
Mobile bain marie in low version with three-part top for storing GN 1/1 containers and associated partition elements for cold dishes.
Key facts
  • Max. 30 × GN 1/1-65

  • Height: 1,110 mm

  • Lengthwise insertion

  • Pitch: 75 mm

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Trolley in robust, self-supporting and hygienic design, made of high-quality stainless steel.... more

Product information

Trolley in robust, self-supporting and hygienic design, made of high-quality stainless steel. Tubular frame rack with welded L-shaped shelf rails with push-through protections on both sides as per DIN EN 18867-2, suitable for lengthwise insertion of GN containers. Additional containers can be attached into an upper frame made of stainless steel tubes. Welded, horizontal frame top, offset to the rear by approx. 7.6'' (193 mm) with reference to the base frame, for attaching additional containers. 4 disc bumpers at the base rack serve as bumpers and protect trolley on all sides as well as building-side walls from being damaged. Trolley runs on 4 swivel casters of which 2 with total locks, ø 4.9'' (125 mm), with pin fastening.

The Hupfer mobile bain marie SPA/O 3/24 A-3GN features a rail spacing of 75 mm, which gives it a capacity virtually twice as large (when GN containers without lids with a depth of 65 mm are placed in it) in comparison to other products. The trolley allows direct access to the content of 6 gastronorm 1/1 containers in total. The horizontal installation of the add-on rack makes it perfectly suited for holding containers with foods in liquid form.

Technical information

Maximum dimension: 530 × 325 mm
Capacity: 30 × GN 1/1-65
Modular dimension: 75 mm
Insertion type: Lengthwise
Rectangular tube frame: 25 × 25 mm
Runners: 3 × 8 GN 1/1-65 lengthwise insertion
Top frame: 40 × 20 mm
Capacity of top frame: 3 × GN 1/1-65
Capacity of rack attachment: 3 × GN 1/1-65
Castors: 4 swivel castors, 2 with lock, ⌀ 125
Main construction: Open, three-part
Weight: 33.7 kg
Width: 797 mm
Depth: 1174 mm
Height: 1109 mm