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The medical sector continues to work tirelessly through the pandemic and as another lockdown in the UK is announced, medical professionals are, once again, incredibly busy. As a result, there may be certain things that get forgotten about, but are crucial to the successful running of a hospital or any other medical establishment.
Any medical or healthcare setting should already have strict rules when it comes to hygiene requirements. With many settings having their own way of doing certain things, the main requirements are the same, and can help staff and patients to stay safe.
2020 has flown by, and even though we all deserve a good break over the Christmas period, it’s also a time to get thinking about your kitchen for the New Year.
Transporting food is a must in a catering establishment and can help to create an efficient process in the kitchen. Not only do our servery trolleys speed up your service, but they are also created from robust materials that will never let you down.
What a year it’s been! As a company, we’ve been incredibly lucky to have been able to work through the pandemic and to bring our much needed products to our customers in the UK and worldwide. However, the year we’ve had has been so much different to any other year we’ve experienced as a company (in all our 150 years!)
Many care homes have meal preparation and serving routines in their day to day schedules. When food is being prepared, it is vital that food safety procedures, including food hygiene practices, are followed...
With sustainability becoming a key part of many businesses these days, now is the time to jump on the bandwagon if you haven’t already. By being more conscious about the sustainability of your catering business, you can be confident that you’re not only helping your kitchen, but the environment too. Making the right choices in your kitchen can also help you save money, so it really is a win win situation!
Medical equipment that is robust and durable is essential in any medical or healthcare setting. To prevent the need to replace equipment regularly, purchasing the right equipment in the first instance will work in your favour and all allow medical professionals to do their jobs to the highest standard.
With a new lockdown on the way for England, many businesses are unfortunately having to close their doors once again. Whether you’re in the category of businesses who will be closing their doors on the 5th November, or you're required to stay open, now is the time to assess infection control in your establishment and maintain essential hygiene practices for staff and customers, both now and when business returns to normal.
At Hupfer, we’re always designing and creating products to make life easier for the catering and medical industries. With all our work, we look to provide a solution to the many difficulties of the job in these industries, maintaining the quality and durability you’d expect when choosing a reputable brand.
Management of medical equipment is crucial to ensure optimum performance and improved effectiveness. In recent times, the medical sector has had to be extra vigilant when it comes to their medical equipment management to ensure patients are safe and get the best care possible in one of the most challenging years to date. The pandemic has most certainly made the process more difficult, but it’s more important than ever to keep on top of managing equipment.
There are many staple pieces of equipment that all commercial kitchens need in order to be as productive as possible. Having a smooth running kitchen helps to create great quality meals in a timely manner, which means you need the right products to ensure your food preparation and serving is a success. However, how do you know which pieces of equipment you need, and how can you be sure your equipment does what it needs to work effectively?
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