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The commercial kitchen can be a stressful environment. Without the right help and equipment, you can easily lose control, which is why it’s so important to ensure your kitchen is kitted out with all the necessary appliances to help you and your staff get through each service successfully.
We may not think about it often, but transport solutions are instrumental in the day to day running of medical environments, whether we’re transporting equipment and supplies to different areas of a hospital, or even assisting the move of patients to one department or another. Without these solutions, staff wouldn’t be able to do their jobs efficiently and effectively!
With the number of admitted patients in hospitals still greater than they have been for many years, more and more medical professionals are seeing the impact that poor equipment can have on their day to day roles.
Here at Hupfer, we’re well known for creating innovative solutions to meet the needs and demands of the foodservice industry. Keeping food at a hot, cold or neutral temperature is one of the most common struggles for a variety of sectors, which is why we created the ISOBOX Food Transport Trolley
With a new government “roadmap” being released this week, the reopening of kitchen and restaurants in a COVID secure manner is looking more and more promising for the next few months...
COVID-19 has created new challenges for the medical sector over the past 12 months and made even the swiftest processes more difficult for medical staff. As a leading specialist in sterile goods logistics, Hupfer knows the importance of maintaining a sterile environment for storage solutions, as well as for hygienic disposal procedures.
When it comes to quality, knowing the manufacturing processes of your products is essential. Customers need products they can trust, and knowing each step of the manufacturing journey, especially as we’re going through Brexit changes, can make all the difference to maintain customer loyalty and confidence.
Staying on top of hand hygiene is a necessity and can be made so much simpler by having and using the right products and equipment. It’s essential that we all have the right facilities in all workplaces to enable everyone to practice good hand hygiene, and in most cases, we can always improve on what’s already in place.
With an increase in the flow of patients in hospitals across the country and the rest of the world yet again, there is undoubtedly a rising need for the right medical equipment to see medical professionals through each day...
Optimum handling and safe use are equally as important when creating equipment for the medical sector, and is something we always keep in mind when designing and manufacturing our products. When supplying and disposing of sterile supplies, our transport trolleys meet the highest requirements.
The catering industry will always be looking for new ways to cook healthily; ways that are convenient, keep food tasting great and retain the nutritional value of a meal, as well as keeping customers satisfied and returning for more.
The medical sector continues to work tirelessly through the pandemic and as another lockdown in the UK is announced, medical professionals are, once again, incredibly busy. As a result, there may be certain things that get forgotten about, but are crucial to the successful running of a hospital or any other medical establishment.
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