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Hygienic design is a must when creating quality catering equipment, and the pandemic has only increased the need to keep surfaces and equipment sterile. The right design will not only help to make sanitary practices easier and more thorough, but it can also help to create safe food preparation areas and protect your customers from contaminated food, which could make them ill.
Here at Hupfer, we believe in ergonomic solutions for healthy working. In the research, design and manufacture stages of creating our products, we understand how important it is to tailor each individual product to its operator, and ergonomics should be a crucial factor in every product and environment created.
Every commercial kitchen has the need for refrigeration equipment. Storing food items correctly, whether in a restaurant, cafe or for catering events, or even when transporting food from A to B, should be of prime importance to keep food fresh and safe for consumption.
With anything in life, you get what you pay for. Cheap options can end up costing you more in the long run with replacements and repairs, and even though it may seem like an attractive short-term fix, the quality just won’t last. By buying once and buying well, you’ll not only find quality items that last, but they can also pay for themselves in the long run.
Learning how to maximise your commercial kitchen’s storage space can be quite the task. Commercial kitchens can be busy, chaotic and challenging spaces, which is why having the right storage solutions is invaluable to your processes. The best way to stay organised with each service is to have a well set out space and equipment you can trust to get the best out of your kitchen and use it to its full potential.
COVID-19 continues to have a big impact on planned surgery in the UK, with the backlog still a concern for the NHS. It’s clear the National Health Service has suffered dramatically since the start of the pandemic, and that’s before we dig deeper into all the statistics.
Medical transport solutions can make jobs easier, create more secure processes as well as speed up the day to day tasks of many medical professionals. To make sure these professionals are always at the top of their game when it comes to working in their demanding environment, we created our range of medical transport solutions for efficient and effective working.
Where would commercial kitchens be without GN containers? They’re the industry standard in catering and here at Hupfer, we offer various sizes and depths, along with different styles of lids to suit all cooking/serving requirements.
When it comes to your catering or medical equipment, it’s vitally important that you’re always proactive in your maintenance schedules. Effective maintenance can not only keep your equipment running smoothly each day, but it can also prolong the life of this equipment and prevent the need to purchase new equipment after a few years.
There are an endless number of processes in the kitchen, but thankfully, many of these processes can be made easier with the right equipment. Whether plates need to be kept warm during service or trays need to be distributed in a timely manner, there’s nothing quite like a dispenser you can rely on to get the job done for you.
Hupfer’s medical products are known for being robust and stable, meaning medical professionals can feel in control when carrying out their daily tasks. This week, we wanted to focus on our medical packing and work tables; vital pieces of equipment for daily use which are available in mobile versions for full flexibility.
Catering equipment can make or break the efficiency of your kitchen processes. Without the right equipment, you can expect slow cooking and serving times as well as wasted energy. This can really take its toll on the speed of your service, not to mention your staff’s enjoyment and impact on the environment.
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